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About Our Company...

I started making nap mats for my son and daughter in 2008. At this time I researched and made several different styles of nap mats and tried them out to see which one functions the best. What I found was that a nap mat with an attached blanket and pillow that can be rolled up by a child works the best. Also, everything is attached so your child will always have everything that is needed for nap time. I have found that labeling everything is an absolute must when going to school. I always include monogramming for almost every item I make as an added touch that makes your item one of a kind.

Since then, I have branched out into making custom crib bedding, baby accessories, and embroidered birthday outfits.  Everything is handcrafted using industrial sewing and embroidery machines.  This ensures the items have the highest quality and durability.